Tom + Leah | Medford NJ Engagement Session

I love weddings. I suppose that’s a good trait for a wedding photographer to have. But it also means I constantly have to give myself little reminders like, “Don’t cry at the toast!” and “Step away from the hors d’oeuvres!” and “No one wants to see your Usher moves!”

But at Tom and Leah’s wedding, I get to be a guest. Yay! Tom’s my brother-in-law, and Leah’s my almost-sister-in-law, which means my only job at their wedding is not to act like a total Uncle Bob:)I can’t wait. (In fact, I have four weddings in the family this year — I am so going to eat my weight in appetizers.)

Anyway. Tom and Leah needed a couple of photos for their wedding invitations, and their actual engagement session isn’t until the spring, so we set out to get a shot or two. And of course I went overboard and it became sort of a mini-engagement-session. Like an appetizer. These are the cocktail franks to their engagement session!

Okay, I’ll stop the food analogies and get to the photos.

Wardrobe change! Location change!

Okay, things got carried away for a sec…literally…

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