Kaitlyn + Vince | Drexelbrook Wedding | South Jersey and Philly wedding photography

Five reasons I loved Kaitlyn and Vince’s wedding:

1) Kaitlyn’s excitement level. As soon as she caught a glimpse of herself in her wedding dress, she shrieked, “It’s my wedding day! IT’S REAL!!!” And that was pretty much her mode for the rest of the day:)

2) Vince, who never took his eyes off Kaitlyn all day and continues to post adorable updates on Facebook about how awesome his wife is.

3) The flowers. I can’t not include the flowers. They were so ridiculously gorgeous that people were talking about them all day. The fall colors were just perfect. Shout-out to Eventricity for those.

4) The families. Everyone treated us like a guest. And a special thank-you to Kaitlyn’s aunt, who opened up her house — and her perfectly landscaped yard — for our portraits. And provided Philly pretzels to boot!

5) So, so, so many happy tears. From everyone.

There were so many other things I could have added to that list (like the fact that they were serenaded for their first dance!). Kaitlyn and Vince, your wedding was so beautiful — thanks for letting me be a part of the day! Now, on to the photos!

While I was with the girls, my second shooter — the positively awesome Gail Bunning from Gail Anne Photography — hung with the guys.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful St. Francis of Assisi in Springfield.

…and finally, we headed to Drexelbrook for the party!

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