Jenny and Rich | LBI Beach Wedding Photography | Surf City NJ Backyard Wedding

In an effort to actually get blogs posted on time, I’m going to try to cut back on my wordiness and let the pictures speak for themselves. Well, mostly. I can’t possibly post these photos without saying what a warm and welcoming bunch this was. My trusty sidekick Crystal and I were both blinking back tears (no crying at work!) during the amazing memorial they did during the ceremony, and then five minutes later we were cracking up as the whole family got in on a “chase photo” — for this one, I went with a man-eating shark. And I have to give extra props to the method-actiong bridesmaid who face-planted in the sand while running away!) How nice were they? The groom made me cut in line in front of him in the buffet line — that nice. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day, Jenny and Rich. Enjoy your photos!:)

Hold on, I’m breaking my “no talking” rule already. But this series cracks me up. Every time his daughters started fussing over him (hint: a lot) John would look up to the sky and yell “Help me, Judy!” It made me smile every time.

While we were doing the portraits, John gave us a preview of his reception moves. (Yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t a perfect GIF — I didn’t know these killer dance moves were coming, so I didn’t have a tripod ready. I still think the vibe comes through, right?)

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